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Equine Weighbridge

Horses bodyweight can fluctuate throughout the year. This can be due to changes in diet, changes in turn out or dietary effects related to illness or medication.


A Weigh Bridge is the only way to accurately measure your Horse’s bodyweight, with the portable equipment Lisa can visit your yard (no electric needed) and provide you with an accurate reading. It can be a real eye opener for owners when they guess the weight and then the actual weight is revealed. 


Accurate bodyweight is needed for:

- Calculating appropriate feed rations for individual horses.

- Monitoring weight gain/ loss as a routine health indicator.

- Correct dosage of wormers and other medications to prevent over or under dosing.

- Considering the Payload of a Horse Box or Trailer, to prevent being overladen and risking accidents and/ or a fine, if stopped by the Police.

Enquire for a weighing slot

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My horses have been weighed regularly with Lisa for about 18 months. For years I’ve relied on weigh tapes for my horses, knowing they’re far from accurate, so having a local weighing service which comes to your yard, eliminating the need to travel has been brilliant. Thanks to Lisa and her trusty weigh bridge, I’ve been able to manage my horses feed to make sure they stay healthy and in good condition year round. Not only has it supported feeding, I’ve also been able to worm effectively and ensure I don’t breach any towing limits when travelling. On top of all this, the weigh clinics are always a lot of fun as we get to take guesses on what we think our horses will weigh! Lisa is very patient with all the horses and is great with those who are a little unsure of the weigh bridge.  Quick, easy and useful service that I’d recommend to all owners to make sure they can provide the optimum care for their horses.

- Jayne

Weighing Prices

- One horse £20

- Two or Three horses £15 each

- Four or Five horses £12.50 each

- Six or more horses £10 each


Travel charges may apply – please contact me using the form above to discuss your requirements.

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