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Rider Massage

Riders in particular may suffer due to the manual type of work involved in caring for horses, in all weathers! Horse Owners that spend money on regular treatment for their horses, often neglect themselves.


Sports Massage can help to:

Improve your balance when riding, helping you to become more secure and more effective 

Develop a deeper seat and sit straighter in the saddle

Relax joints and improve flexibility

Develop an awareness of left/ right sided dominance


Whilst riding our posture can be affected by any imbalance within the horses body. Whilst wanting to help the horse with their crookedness and muscle weakness, we should also be considering our own balance.


A Sports Massage may be needed to help relax tension areas and restore functionality to weakened areas. However, you might also benefit from a Relaxing Massage that can help improve your frame of mind, as well as relax your body, to ensure your Horse only experiences a relaxed version of yourself.

The Treatment Room

Treatment Room 1 (1).jpg
Treatment Room 2.jpg


I reached out to Lisa whilst I was struggling with the affects of a T9 fracture in 2019. I was stiff, sore and was struggling with my posture, which in turn affected my horses movement and way of going. Lisa was extremely professional, friendly and understanding of my needs. Following and initial posture examination and discussion she talked me through what she was doing and why she was working in certain areas throughout my treatment. Once she was finished I swear I could have done a backflip! I felt a huge release of pressure and felt very relaxed. I will definitely be booking Lisa again to ensure my pain and posture doesn’t affect my horses way of going ever again.

- Becky

Before and Afters


Rider A

Rider B




Lisa covers the whole of the North West of England and into Yorkshire.


Yard visits can be arranged by contacting Lisa directly on the Appointment Number 07511 426274 (What’s App or Text)


If you prefer to speak to Lisa please call 07738 383153.

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