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Equine Massage

Sports Massage is beneficial to horses, as it can:

- Help improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.

- Help improve the range of motion through joints.

- Help improve suppleness through muscle movement.


It can also help to:

- Encourage impulsion by reducing tension and stiffness.

- Encourage suppleness through lateral and longitudinal stretch.

- Encourage a correct outline by addressing imbalances in the horse.


Lisa also includes Phototherapy (Red light and InfraRed), Ultrasound Therapy, Heat Therapy and the Equissage Kit within sessions, where appropriate and at no extra cost.



Lisa started with myself early this year after my long standing lady retired, She is amazing and has certainly made a great difference in our horses way of going. She is super knowledgeable and very calming with the horses. They love their sessions ! I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone and have already built a small clientele on our yard too have Lisa with great feedback! Those that know me know I only want the best for my boys. She is very approachable and is passionate about her role!

- Lorraine

Equipment Usage

For more information on the equipment used by Lisa within session, please follow the links below:


Animal Care — Shop — Danetre Health Products

Ultrasound Therapy 

Med-Fit Pro 1&3 MHz Home Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine on OnBuy


The Heat Pad | Epiony


The Ultimate In Equine Therapy Equipment | Niagara Equissage Pulse Digital

Before and Afters








Lisa covers the whole of the North West of England and into Yorkshire.


Yard visits can be arranged by contacting Lisa directly on the Appointment Number 07511 426274 (What’s App or Text)


If you prefer to speak to Lisa please call 07738 383153.

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